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This privacy policy sets out how Martin Group Services uses and protects any information that you give Martin Group Services during the normal course of our business.


In view of this new regulation we have updated our Privacy Policy to incorporate such changes as required by the new GDPR directive.

In Principal:

 ■ All information given to us in the course of our business will be used only in accordance with our General Privacy Policy which includes this document.

 ■ No information will be passed on to any third party except such information as required for the purpose of debt recovery or as a result of criminal action.

 ■ Those persons whose personal information is retained for general business use, as specified below, have the right to have that information revealed, which may incur a fee, and to have such information removed/deleted unless it were to impact on our accounting processes or legal requirements.

  ► The removal of information relating to any trading account could only happen upon the closure of such account providing there are no outstanding amounts.


Credit Trading Accounts:

 ■ Those persons with Credit Trading Accounts will have supplied us with some, or all, of the following - name, address, telephone and appropriate email address(es).

  ► The details incorporated in our accounts packages are solely for the administration of those accounts, creating Invoices & Statements, etc.

  ► Should there be a change in any details then that information would be replaced by up-to-date information.

  ► That information would be retained within our accounts in order to satisfy HM Revenue & Customs requirements.

  ► No other personal information is stored.

  ► Once that information reaches the relevant expiration date then the document(s) would be shredded at the earliest convenience.

Computer/Tablet Repairs:

 ■ Persons presenting us with a computer (or similar) for repair will have supplied us with some or all of the following - name, address, telephone and appropriate email address(es) so that we can record the repair history of the machine and to inform the owner when ready for collection.

 ■ The details might include passwords for computer or email access for the purpose of effecting various repairs, or setting up of accounts, etc.

 ■ If the creation of an email account is required this also might require the users date of birth.

 ■ The reinstallation of some software might require a licence key.

  ► The details supplied will only be used for the purpose intended and such information, other than basic information contained on our locally controlled database, will be removed/deleted/destroyed within a reasonable period of time following the collection of the equipment.

  ► When the repair necessitates copying all, or part, of the client’s data to an external drive, prior to testing or replacement of a hard drive, for example, then that data will be deleted in a timely fashion following such repair.

 ►* It is generally accepted that although data may have been deleted, in electronic terms, the data is still actually in the same place but has been ‘flagged’ as re-usable space and will eventually be overwritten by new data.


 ■ Many confidential documents/pictures etc are emailed to us for the purpose of printing copies as required by the client for collection at a later time.

  ► These files, either embedded in the email or sent as an attachment, would be printed as required and contained in paper bags or other containers as appropriate until collected by the sender.

 ► Unless asked to keep the email and attachments for later use, the email and any attachments will be deleted accordingly.

(See above marked *)


 ■ Many confidential documents are presented to us for the purpose of photocopying, sometimes left with us for collection at a later time.

  ► Normally such copies, where practical, would be placed in paper bags or other suitable material often supplied by the customer, along with the original documents.

  ► When, either by human or mechanical error by the copier, a failed copy is produced, that copy would be shredded immediately or soon after completion of the job.


 ■ Confidential documents are often presented to us for the purpose of scanning onto a memory stick, or for emailing to someone, sometimes left with us for collection at a later time.

  ► Where practical, if left with us, the original documents would be placed in paper bags.

  ► If data has been emailed to a recipient the email address would be as supplied by the client.

  ► Data that has been saved onto a memory stick would be given to the client at the earliest convenience.

You are assured that we will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. 

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998. A small fee will be payable. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please write to us at our normal address.

If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email us as soon as possible at our normal address. We will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect.

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