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Professional printing and suppliers of all promotional items...

Martin Group Services produce a wide range of print requirements in-house, but excel with their membership of the biggest group of commercial printers in the United Kingdom. They are able to design virtually anything and then get it produced in a timely and professional manner. Many repeat orders confirms the quality of such products.

Designing your own Artwork

Don't be afraid of asking for help or advice on how to prepare your artwork

No matter what you wish to design we can either do it for you or give advice and guidance on how to do what's necessary in order to achieve your desired quality product.

• The sizes are critical (in millimetres), and any text or design must not be too close to the edge of the media

• All colours used must be in the CMYK format and NOT the standard RGB format

• All images must also be in the CMYK colour format and be at a resolution of at least 300dpi

• Images from the internet are rarely good enough for commercial printing ~ and they are all copyrighted by someone!

• When images or colours 'run off' the edges (called 'bleed') then the bleed must extend for exactly 3mm on all edges

• The finished artwork must be produced in a high-resolution PDF with fonts embedded or with outline fonts

Martin Group Services

If we can't supply it I bet we know someone who can!